Leeds is a place where people groups have found a home. There are well established Jewish, Caribbean, African and Asian communities. Today the UK is seeing an increase of ethnic minorities affected by starvation or persecution, and so big cities like Leeds are increasingly cosmopolitan and with that comes the need to provide opportunities for these groups with housing, jobs social assistance and from our perspective in Woodhouse Leeds 6 the need to welcome and assist people to understand our culture and traditions. For us, it became apparent that although English is the international language not everyone understands or is able to speak it. And so we have ‘English lessons for Speakers of Other Languages’. (ESOL)

The city boasts one of the leading universities in the country and as such has welcomed students from all over the world, many of which are accompanied by a spouse and family. Business opportunities in Leeds continue to expand and with this expansion, the need for English lessons needs to expand for Speakers of Other Languages.

Who are we then?

‘English lessons for Speakers of Other Languages’ started around twenty years ago in a small way with a few teachers but have year by year seen an increase in need and so we have increased our classes covering elementary and intermediate levels to twice a week. We also provide reading and conversation groups to assist with day to day conversations.

What other activities are provided?

Trips out to places of interest there is plenty of choice in and around the city

Family activity parties

Home visits are part and parcel of helping our students face problems as they settle in a new place and for those who are lonely an invite into our homes can are always welcomed.